понедельник, 6 мая 2013 г.

iNDS celebrating

Hi all! Do you know about iNSD??? I think yes :)
So, I am glad to tell you about great SALE in our shops in this case!
It's really good chance to grab all what you want in my shop! Enjoy! 

40% & 45% OFF!
PBP and CU4U

And off course I want to show you some our new pages from my Photobook-templates as usually.
Aaaaaal they are 40% off now!!!

 One style pack #2 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) 

 Your classic photobook Vol.22 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) 

My page

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Your classic photobook Vol.22 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

Available at PickleBerryPop

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