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Your classic photobook Vol.44

Hi my friends! I am here with my next set of photobook-templates. 
This is a next set in the same style with my previous sets Your classic photobook Vol.41, Vol.42 and Vol.43
Your classic photobook Vol.44
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Do you want to create your own photobook easily and simply? Do it using photos only! No need for kits or other elements. Each template focuses on your photos and is not distracted by superfluous details.

This time templates are most simple, and in this reason very easy to use. They will give you possibility to make different designs of your pages, because you can decide background in different ways: use for background any color fill, or photo, or paper/texture (you'll find my notes in the set). Templates contains layer-styles as always, and you can change them as you want. No difficult with photo for background. You can design your book just in one hour!

This set include 5 double templates + 3 additional variants (24x12 inches, 7200x3600 pix). So each page in your book will be harmonious and you will not have to think about how to pick a pair of your single layouts.

All templates are in 3 versions: PSD, PNG and TIF. Use the format which is comfortable for you.  
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